Saunas for Improved Health and Wellness

Anthony Clavien sauna for healthTraditional saunas can benefit your body in a variety of ways beyond relaxation for tired muscles. While most commonly found at day spas and gyms, steam rooms can be enjoyed in a variety of places, including in the comfort of your own home. For those who are on a detox or juice cleanse, adding some steam room time into your daily routine can provide stress relief, boost your immune system, and help aid in removing toxins from your system.

Saunas or at-home steam rooms are traditionally small rooms designed to be heated to high temperatures. After a long day, stress can cause muscles to tense up, causing headaches or muscle pains. Exposure to the steam in a sauna allows your muscles to relax and release the tension causing aches and pains and can even temporarily ease pain from arthritis. The relaxation from a sauna can also allow for longer, deeper sleep that’s easier to achieve for those who need to fall asleep on a better schedule.

While on a detox or juice cleanse, the food you consume helps clear toxins within your body from the inside. Saunas help your detox by eliminating toxins from your body through sweat. Toxin’s that bombard your skin on the outside from daily activities such as shampooing, housecleaning and driving can be removed as well. After your body temperature rises from the heat, your body changes toxins into water-soluble forms that can pass out of your skin’s pores as you sweat.

Sitting in a sauna can help your body fight toxins from the inside out as well. As your muscles take in more heat, it encourages higher blood flow to these areas, allowing for better circulation and bringing fresh oxygen to your tissues. Since the body uses oxygen to move toxins out of your deep muscle tissues, you help put in a little more effort towards detoxing than in diet alone. Additionally, the heat encourages your body to produce more white blood cells which aid in fighting disease and infection allowing you to have an increased immune system, and fight off any illness faster.

If you don’t have access to a gym or spa sauna to use, you can make your own easily at home. If you have a bath/shower combination, place three tablespoons of epsom salts at the bottom of the bath and begin running the water as hot as possible until the bath reaches a desirable level to meet your taste. Place towels along any doorframes to prevent the steam from the shower from escaping. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the steam should start filling the room when the tub is around half way full. So that the water isn’t wasted for the steam alone, after using your temporary steam room, enjoy the bath before showering off. The epsom salts in the bathwater will further help relieve muscle pain, sooth your skin, and help your pores become detoxed.


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