Five Positive Affirmations for June

Anthony Clavien positive affirmations for June

It’s important for us to remind ourselves of our self worth and that we are connected to the Universe, and to each other. Here are five affirmations to help remind us of these truths:

  • Knowing that I am a center in the one Universal Mind, I speak only words of spiritual truth. I affirm with my spoken word that I am always guided to my greater good and that all is well in my life.
  • Today, as I touch the deep levels of my being, I discover peace and calm there. Recognizing the divine presence as the truth of who I am, I flow gently in a conscious awareness of oneness.
  • Knowing that my mind is connected with an infinite Mind to which all things are possible, I recognize my capacity to accomplish great things. Spirit in, as, and through me works miracles.
  • I see beyond the appearance of disease or illness or any physical imperfection that I have accepted up to now; instead, I see only the truth of my wholeness and perfection. I accept it.
  • I choose to travel light in my life, taking from the past nothing but the enlightenment I gain from it. I let go of false ideas of limitation and imperfection, knowing that I am one with the Infinite.
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