We Create Positive Energy

img_9198Many of us want to see change in the world and we’d love to make a difference but when we consider the enormous problems out there it’s intimidating and, as one little person, we can feel powerless. It’s understandable to feel like we can’t make a difference; but what we may not realize is we already have and we do every day. Every time we treat someone with kindness, every time we share knowledge, every time we send a positive thought someone’s direction, and every time we lend a hand we’re initiating positive motion which ripples and spreads through other people. We CREATE positive energy with our thoughts, words and actions – and the more we bring into being, the more there is to propagate. In that way, we have more power than we can imagine and we can, in fact, change the world. ❤️


True Love

True Love is like an intricate weave of mist… Best to not lean on it nor try to hold on or attempt to control it lest you disrupt its natural beauty… For mist cannot be held or controlled.. Let it go… Let go to Love and to each other.. Release.. Think, feel and say.. ” I Love you.. I want you to be what you want to be… I wouldn’t want you in a cage.. to be a bird without song, but to be free to fly as thou wish, let the currents of life take thee” Detachment of what you love and letting each other be free is blissful… Unconditional Love is letting go and accepting everything and judging nothing… Love is all a fantastic illusion, and like a mist it can dance, surround and envelop us with its magical touch… Embrace and bask in its Beauty, Freeform and Mystery…. Paramount is to enjoy the utter reality of Love that is Now. As all things dissipate and change.

~inspired by Alan Watts, life lessons and many a good poet…

P.S This is extremely difficult and may include deep heartache, possible despair and utter Peace and Happiness. Compounded by fits of laughter and tears of Joy

~~Anthony JH Clavien


Love and Listen to Your Inner Compass

anthony clavien inner compassMany times we’re confused about situations in our lives and we need guidance. We may pray, or seek advice from friends or family or even ask the universe to send us a sign but advice can be subjective and signs can be ambiguous so we may still find ourselves lost.

We don’t need to be lost though—the answers we seek are always there. No one knows us better than ourselves and if we truly want guidance we just need to look within.

If we can find a place of stillness and listen to our hearts, our gut and our minds we’ll know what needs to be done. Respecting and trusting our inner intelligence to be our compass will help us find our way.

Anthony Clavien

Train Your Mind to Be Peaceful & Awake

Anthony Clavien egoless

The ego will always attempt to pull you out of your center, to distract you from who you really are.

Realizing ‘who’ that is is the first step. And then, just like you have to train your body, we can train our minds to stay peaceful and awake.

It eventually becomes a permanent state of being.

Ben & Jerry’s To Stop Using GMOs — Will Other Ice Cream Companies Follow Suit?

anthony clavien ben and jerrys gmo

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to label GMOs

Ben & Jerry’s is making headlines after announcing that the company is removing Genetically-modified organisms from their ice cream.

The brand had been operating with 80% of their ingredients sourced as non-GMO but the company aims to completely phase out genetically modified products from its ice cream from the end of the year. Stating on their website, the undertaking will be “complex” as a single flavor can contain up to 40 ingredients and the pressure to obtain affordable ingredients and ones that can meet demand will be a challenge.

Genetically modified foods, which are engineered to resist insecticides and herbicides, have been a source of controversy in the U.S. and abroad. Supporters say the plants boost crop yields, increasing the global food supply, while critics argue the chemicals can be harmful to the environment and cause serious health problems.

By Ben & Jerry’s speaking out about their use of GMOs, it raises the questions about just what foods contain genetically-modified organisms that we would not suspect.

When California residents had the option to vote for Proposition 37, a ballot initiative that would have required genetically-modified foods to be labeled as such, Ben & Jerry’s parent company, Unilever donated almost a half a million to defeat the measure with companies such as Monsanto and The Hershey Co. giving a combined $44 million to defeat the ballot initiative.

The most common items consumers link to containing GMOs are fruits and vegetables, with many opting to pay more for organic produce than regular. By Ben & Jerry’s showing that GMO’s can extend to everything from ice cream to candy bars, it goes to show that it’s important to buy organic as often as possible to protect ours and our family’s health.

As the Vermont ice cream chain makes the change over to non-GMO ice cream, it will be interesting to observe if other popular ice cream brands follow suit.

Self Love vs. Self Sabotage

Anthony Clavien self love vs self sabotageWe’ve all heard of people who deliberately harm or obstruct other people, but when what we say we want is not what we’re giving ourselves, we may be sabotaging ourselves.

Self-sabotage can mean that we’re afraid of success or that we’re punishing ourselves, and not seeing ourselves as the worthy, special, and important people that we are. If we continue to make choices that are contrary to our stated aims, it’s important to start listening to our self-talk.

Each of us deserves the best, and if we’re constantly telling ourselves we’re less than best, we’ll never achieve our goals.

Self-love is the antidote to self-sabotage and it starts with turning any self-directed negativity into positive reinforcement.

We’re worth it.. 

Detox to Cleanse Toxins and Reduce Bloating

anthony clavien cranberry bogDespite the best intensions, our weight and the level of toxins in our bodies can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be affected by something as small as not drinking enough water, or other minor, and normal physiological reasons. While changes in weight are bound to happen, minor changes in weight from day to day and week to week are the number one reason people giving up on a healthy lifestyle.

If your weight is fluctuating towards the higher end of the scale, adding in this detox recipe will help revive your motivation for a healthy lifestyle by helping you lose five pounds of bloating weight in a healthy way.

Using a large pitcher, add 60 ounces of distilled or pure water, a tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice, one dandelion root tea bag and two tablespoons of lemon juice together. Consume all 60 ounces daily, which equates to seven and a half 8 ounce glasses that you should be drinking anyways. Jillian Michaels and other personal trainers swear by this detox recipe as it doesn’t include fasting, yet reaps the same benefits.

Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic that helps flush the toxins from your system that works well with dandelion root tea which improves digestion and aids in weight loss. The tea mixed with lemon juice helps to purify the blood, regulate blood supply, ease bloating and aching joints to all around help someone feel and look better.

Adding this detox to your diet to replace plain water can allow an individual to have a higher metabolism and help aid in weight loss and healthy living.