The Universe Listens to Every Word

anthony clavien the universe is listeningThe Universe listens to every word, thought and emotion we have. The Universe can grant our wishes and help us in everyday life. So, to begin on the Spiritual Path, all you have to say, straight from the heart, is ‘I’m ready!’. The Universe will then start about showing you signs (coincidences some people call them) to indicate to you that the Universe heard you and is answering the call.

The signs will be very subtle, yet obvious, if you are attentive. Number sequences are a very common way that the Universe communicates with us as in today’s society we are always surrounded by some device that displays numbers.

Otherwise, the Universe will show you signs that you would understand, in effect it will communicate with you in a language that you understand. You will see, hear, smell or feel certain things when you ask a question in your mind or even out loud. Look out for these signs as this will be the Universe giving you your answer.

Be open-minded and attentive and look out for patterns of certain things that are emerging in your life. These will be the Universe’s attempts to find a dialogue with which you can communicate with it. Once you have established your relationship with the Universe; and have recognized the patterns the way the Universe is communicating with you then the journey begins!

The Universe will now start to unfold a whole new world to you. Just remain open and watch for the signs. And through these signs you will learn lessons you need to learn, do the things you need to do, and journey to the place in your life you should be.
~ Unknown… aka The Universe


2 thoughts on “The Universe Listens to Every Word

  1. I’m not ready yet, I still have to live eyery possible moment to the fullest that I can ever imagine and possibly hope for on this lovely planet called Earth.

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