Positively Love Today:

Positively Love Today:
Today is extremely important. Why? Because it’s the only one we’ll ever have this unique. We only have these hours now and whatever we do today will be etched in time forever. Today is special – LOVE Big, Live Large and enjoy what’s around us.
Take a deep Breath, hold it, exhale very slowly and be in the presence. What we do today doesn’t have to be earth shaking but we can make a positive difference somehow in someway. Choose to do Good, send that card, call a Loved one, walk in Nature, eat Healthy food, be around Positive people, Smile at a stranger, tell yourself “I Love You”, make eloquent choices – these are all things that help us feel good and make today matter. Give Loving Hugs, Compliment others.. Speak and think every breath from your Heart. While we’re alive in this body, we need to remember that every day is special. Every day is a gift. We never know when our last one will show up so each one is precious. Honoring and appreciating our time will make each day, and thus our lives, extraordinary.
Love Your Life..
Dedicated to Ross Sanders and his Amazing Family .



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