True Love

True Love is like an intricate weave of mist… Best to not lean on it nor try to hold on or attempt to control it lest you disrupt its natural beauty… For mist cannot be held or controlled.. Let it go… Let go to Love and to each other.. Release.. Think, feel and say.. ” I Love you.. I want you to be what you want to be… I wouldn’t want you in a cage.. to be a bird without song, but to be free to fly as thou wish, let the currents of life take thee” Detachment of what you love and letting each other be free is blissful… Unconditional Love is letting go and accepting everything and judging nothing… Love is all a fantastic illusion, and like a mist it can dance, surround and envelop us with its magical touch… Embrace and bask in its Beauty, Freeform and Mystery…. Paramount is to enjoy the utter reality of Love that is Now. As all things dissipate and change.

~inspired by Alan Watts, life lessons and many a good poet…

P.S This is extremely difficult and may include deep heartache, possible despair and utter Peace and Happiness. Compounded by fits of laughter and tears of Joy

~~Anthony JH Clavien



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