Life Surfing.


Life-Surfing…. As I sit at sunrise watching the surf and waves the realization is crystal clear… What a fantastic comparative as to how we each face our day and future… We awaken and stroll down to the sea, each in our own unique and round about way. Some stroll, some walk, some run and some don’t want to get out of bed and face the day… We view out at the unpredictable ocean of Life with its waves, calmness, fierceness, raw beauty and truly awesome power. Knowing that we truly have no power over what it will do or how it will act, only that we must attempt to maneuver it as best as we can. Every Surfer of Life has some fear, some as small as a tickle in our belly and some so great as to paralyze one into non-action.
So as we judge these waves and ponder their actions, we suit up, throw on some wax and get ready to paddle out thru and into the oncoming waves.. We go over, we go under, we go around and we take action and get out there. Then the calm affect of looking out to sea and dream of what life will send our way. Then back again to the safe and solid shore. In these moments of reflection and dreams we decide which waves we want to ride, which waves we won’t ride and which waves we will ride with a sense of adventure and wonder.. We know the rewards of success and price of failure. The amazing thrill of not knowing which waves will be best or how they will end.. Just as Life, Love and the Universe will send all types of waves for us from which to learn. Terrifying ones, Peaceful ones and sometimes boring ones. The trick is to get on your board, set your intention then let one self go and ride it the best you can with mental and spiritual abandonment strengthened by purity of heart. Truly going with the flow and being in the Now… Sometimes we will get scared and bail, sometimes we will get pummeled and thrashed about. Sometimes others will get in our way and cause us to crash and others will join and ride next to us to inspire us to follow thru. The moments of pure bliss when you ride the wave the hand of fate has delt you… Then thou gloriously emerges thru the dark tunnel and into the Light of the sun to feel the magical kiss of Victory you gently let go and fall back into the universal sea’s embrace. We then act again to either paddle back out for more or back to shore. Watch the Sun set on the majestic sea and breathe in Life and exhale Love of being alive.. Then we rest at night, reflect on our day, give thanks and the next very day we paddle out again.
Love and Light…


2 thoughts on “Life Surfing.

  1. Anthony,
    I trust this finds you well.
    It was a real pleasure meeting you in St. Moritz at the Polo event. Having lived in Australia, performing windsurfing, being an entrpreneur and sociologist, but most important, being human, I can tell your readers that there is so much truth in your little poem. It’s life, it’s out there and it’s alive and kicking. Hope to meet again. Cheers, Thorsten

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