Coconut the Superfood, New Home Remedies Revealed

Anthony Clavien coconut healsCoconut has many health benefits, healing properties, and they are delicious. They can be easily found at your local grocery store, and now there are several new uses for this yummy fruit and it’s derivatives. There are so many chemicals we come into contact with daily nowadays that many health conscious individuals, such as Anthony Clavien, are looking for alternative methods to treat daily ailments.

Consider the following important uses of coconut:

  • Treatment for sunburn – it’s soothing properties help the skin heal
  • Itchy skin/Eczema – the oil can provide relief from itching
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis – the milk helps by improving your body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels – the milk helps the body achieve this
  • Homemade moisturizer – hydrates and soothes the skin
  • Skin mask – hydrates the skin
  • Diaper Rash – soothes and protects the affected area
  • Cradles cap – the oil helps treat the flaky skin on infants head
  • Massage – provides a great massage oil while benefiting the skin
  • Sunscreen – a great natural alternative for short periods in the sun
  • Nail fungus – oil helps to heal this ailment

The benefits of coconut water seem endless. Most are aware of the benefits of drinking it post workout in order to rapidly rehydrate, but are you aware that it can aid in regulating blood pressure? Due to it’s high potassium content, it’s considered a highly effective remedy for the cardiovascular system!

The benefits of this extraordinary fruit are positively wonderful!


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