Complimentary Cancer Therapy Has Many Benefits for All

Eastern vs Western medicine Anthony ClavienIU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, located in Muncie, Indiana, recently held a lecture on complementary medicine for patients with cancer. Turns out they had to add chairs to accommodate the amount of people who showed up for the talk!

The presenter, a physician by the name of Michael Williamson Jr. acknowledged that like Anthony Clavien, he feels people want to be treated as a whole person. Although conventional medicine is primarily used in treatment, he wants to help people navigate through the complementary therapies that are available. His talk centered primarily on cancer, but anyone can use these therapies.

According to, Williamson’s lecture “promoted vitamin B12 tablets dissolved under the tongue, Korean ginseng, the essential amino acid L-lysine, whey protein, probiotic foods like yogurt with live microorganisms, wasabi (also known as Japanese horseradish), broccoli, cell salt pills dissolved under the tongue, essential oils and applying pressure to the feet.”

Some patients who attended the lecture made remarks about how they wish he had been their doctor, since the doctor who treated them never mentioned these alternative therapies. Williamson mentioned that some of his colleagues “don’t embrace homeopathy, but in Europe it’s a significant and respected mode of therapy.” To prove just how effective it can be, he tells a story of a patient who was being treated for headaches with Vicodin for five years, after taking cell salts his headaches went away in one day.

The benefits of such therapies offer a compelling argument as to why they are worth trying! Everyone could benefit from incorporating them into their lives.


One thought on “Complimentary Cancer Therapy Has Many Benefits for All

  1. i found homeopathy really helpful in managing symptoms from epilespy. i write about my experience of managing epilepsy using alternative therapies to help the whole person.

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