Hosting Companies Move Toward Eco-Friendliness

save energy and money Anthony ClavienHave you ever considered how the TV show you now watch online, since you cancelled your cable bill, has to be processed somewhere? This requires servers, which use electricity. Given the new sustainability trend is sweeping the globe, even web hosting now have to consider how to be green. After all, we can’t live without the Internet and we can’t live without the Earth. Like thousands of others across the country, Anthony Clavien supports the efforts of energy conservation, and now more and more web hosting companies do to!

According to, some benefit off of location alone! Iceland, for example, uses geothermal and hydroelectric power. These two sources of power account for almost all of the electricity Iceland uses. So, by simply by operating in Iceland, companies can do what very few others are able to do…claim 100% green energy!

Other hosting companies are following the trend used by several other companies, even outside of their industry. It’s a tried and true method; just use more efficient technology in order to reduce your company’s carbon footprint! In this instance, hosting companies are using more efficient servers.

Last but not least, some are opting to use renewable energies, at least in part, to power their electricity. Companies are not sold on running their servers, which store a LOT of information, off of just wind power. So, they power their servers using traditional methods, but they buy a corresponding amount of wind energy credits to offset what they use.

As the trend toward continues to move toward becoming more and more green, companies are beginning to realize they need to get on the train or get left behind. Conserving our resources has become a major priority.


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