Renewable Energy Investment: Switzerland Firm Newave Energy and Powercell Limited Join Forces

Anthony Clavien blog about Swiss current eventsSwitzerland firm Newave Energy and Powercell Limited join forces, announcing a plan to invest $1 million in Nigeria’s renewable energy sector. Tayo Balogun, Managing Director for Powercell Limited, says the partnership will bridge the gap in the power sector between quality products of inverter and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and poor quality products in Nigeria. This plan brings backup systems in Nigeria for data and offices to the next level. It also allows Nigerians to reap the benefits of the money they have spent on their backup systems with higher quality products.

Balogun urged the Nigerian Federal Government to be aggressive with investments for the country’s solar installations while helping individuals acquire solar. A wise choice for any country, since this type of energy does not become depleted.

Solar and other renewable energy sources are less harmful to the environment than their non-renewable counterparts, therefore continue to become more important to governments. The cost to obtain solar can be expensive, but the price for such technology is becoming more affordable. According to Balogun, “…it is cheaper than hydro and that is why a lot of countries in Europe, America and Asia uses solar to power their systems.” He also pointed out a house can’t even be built in Japan right now without a solar system!

Depletion of non-renewable resources, currently the most dominant source of our energy supply, is forcing governments to reevaluate systems for energy production. Unless this problem is properly addressed, monetary cost will not longer be the issue. To read more of Anthony Clavien‘s views, see upcoming blogs about Switzerland.


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