Flower of Life & Equilibrium Labs | Positivity Blossoms in the Mind

flower of life Anthony ClavienIt’s a symbol you have likely seen before, maybe on a t-shirt, maybe in the window of your yoga studio. But the flower of life dates back to prehistory, and is a deeply symbolic image that means much more than meets the eye at first glance.

The flower of life is a is a visual symbol for everything from the ideas that manifested all of existence down to the individual notes that make a song. Also known as the seed of life, or the egg of life, this symbol is inherently about beginnings, nurturing, and the primary step in life–where it all begins.

For this reason, Anthony Clavien, founder of Equilibrium Labs, made the flower of life an integral image associated with the endeavors of the company and its missions. At its core, the simple mission of Equilibrium Labs is to do good, to enhance positivity. To that end, the flower of life is the perfect visual epithet because it stands for all that makes and keeps us vital.

The flower of life is said to contain age-old mathematical wisdom within it that is the key to the universe–those who study its patterns explain that the symbol is so all-encompassing that wearing it on one’s person is like wearing the whole universe. The flower of life is purported to have medicinal and miraculous recovery and healing properties, and those who wear one often testify to feeling better, younger, more well rested, at ease, and better collected in their thoughts.

The sacred geometry that makes the flower of life design may be difficult to understand for laypersons, but the ideology and goodness the symbol itself contains is not. Equilibrium Labs hopes to create a ripple of goodness in the world, not unlike what is represented in the great flower of life.


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