Ketel One: A Gentleman’s Call | The Anthony Clavien Submission

Anthony Clavien SoberUpWell, we made our submission to the Ketel One “A Gentleman’s Call” and we’re so proud of our contribution. Unfortunately, all the submissions were taken down as soon as the contest deadline hit at midnight on July 29, 2012, so I wanted to post our submission here for anyone who wanted to read it. Enjoy and leave your comments, please!

“SoberUp! A Gentleman’s After-Drink” is a .5 oz shot of liquid mental clarity. SoberUp! will launch globally in 2012 after 9 years of craftsmanship. It’s a revolutionary, holistic approach to drinking and socializing. The elixir marries 21st century technology to Eastern wisdom in a way that restores equilibrium. It’s safe, simple, and easy to use.

This rescue remedy will be part of a global social fabric teaching charity, positivity, and good etiquette. SoberUp is healthy & engenders thoughtfulness by giving us the clarity and awareness to care about ourselves & others. SoberUp is an all natural, vitamin-enriched and restorative supplement crafted with love and compassion for us all.

A noble character amongst paupers & princes alike makes a gentleman. His actions inspire chivalry from alehouse to White House. SoberUp gives us the confidence to hold our heads high & the ability to make the right decisions that bring forth the gentleman within us all.



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