Positive Results

Positive results:
What is bad or good, wrong or right? We’re the ones who decide. When something that we didn’t want to happen happens, if we label it bad, it will be bad in our thoughts and we may react accordingly. But most of us have had something ‘bad’ happen to us that we’ve realized later was actually the best thing that could have happened. Maybe it was a job we didn’t get that left space for a much better job or a relationship that didn’t work out that we realize in hindsight would have been miserable had it continued or a health condition that changed our life goals. What’s good or bad isn’t always immediately apparent so passing judgment on the events in our lives isn’t really in our best interests. Instead, when the unexpected happens, if we go with the flow and do our best with what we know, its impact will stay reasonable, we won’t overreact and life will go on until the next thing shows up!
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