Cardio Workout Proves Healthful for Your Liver

Anthony Clavien health and wellness articlesWell most people these days are aware that working out their bodies and getting a quality cardio workout in a few days every week is good for their overall health and wellness. But did you know that working out is something your liver actually craves? Yes!

While we already know lots about how a nutritious diet that’s high in fiber and omega fatty acids laced with quality proteins is beneficial to your liver (and total excretory health), what we didn’t know until a recent study is that a good, sweat-inducing workout actually fights liver cancer.

Sound too good to be true? According to the study, coauthored by Dr. Luis Fernando Barbisan at Brasil’s Institute of Biosciences of São Paulo State University, exercise in conjunction with a low-fat diet actually reduced the incidence of cancer in lab animals. Barbisan tells us, “This study is the first to demonstrate that there is a beneficial effect of exercise training against progression of liver carcinogenesis in rats fed a low‐fat diet, but not in rats fed a high‐fat diet. That high‐fat diet regimen mimics the food habits of humans living in Western countries.”

So what’s the takeaway? Remember: exercise is great, but it’s only 50% of the battle when staving off cancer-causing variables in the body. A diet low in fat and high in fiber is perhaps literally what Dr. Barbisan ordered.


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