Demand for Milk Thistle at All-Time High Before New Year’s Eve

anthony clavien milk thistleWe all know that milk thistle has many medicinal properties, and that for hundreds of years people have used it to cure all kinds of ailments, mainly those that are caused by a liver with diminished capacity.

But this week before New Year’s Eve, sales of this all-natural supplement are at highest demands retailers have seen in quite some time. According to  The Guardian (UK), “Marketed as a liver tonic more than half a century ago, capsules made from the plant extract have sold steadily for decades. But now a new generation of partygoers, desperate to avoid the aftermath of festive over-indulgence, are discovering the plant, which is related to the daisy family and is native to the Mediterranean region.

Supermarkets and pharmacies report that demand for milk thistle before New Year‘s Eve is soaring as discussions on social networking sites extol its qualities as a potent hangover cure.”

While it’s nice to see folks reaching for natural cures for hangovers, buyers beware: milk thistle is most efficacious when it is built up in the body over the course of several days or weeks, and, milk thistle is good for healing the liver after sever damage has been done. For example, many with hepatitis C will use milk thistle as directed by a health care provider as a way to slowly help heal their liver and even kidneys so that their excretory systems can remove more toxins more efficiently.

Take milk thistle, it won’t hurt you. Of course, talk to your doctor first, especially if you take other medications. But this New Year’s Eve, be careful, and try to sober up as naturally as possible!

Anthony Clavien