Avoiding Milk Could Stave Off Liver Cancer?

liver cancer and milkIn a 2011 report published on WebMD, it was suggested that the difference between breast and prostate cancers from liver cancer is that those diagnosed accurately with the latter will die within a twelve-month period.

You see, 95 percent of liver cancers are called hepatocarcinomas–that means that they reside in the liver, but perhaps more importantly, that they originated in the liver as well in most cases. Liver cancers that are not a metastasis from cancers located elsewhere in the body simply don’t have a great prognosis.

Roughly 600,000 worldwide hepatocarcinomas were diagnosed in 2011, and the numbers for 2012 are obviously still out. Could they be lower? If so, why? Could it be that one of the ways we combat liver cancer best is avoiding milk and other dairy products? The people over at NotMilk.com sure seem to think so, and they think science is well on its way to proving it too.

A recent research article in the Journal Human Pathology studied the connection between a hormone called GF-1 found in cow’s milk, and the rapid growth or development of liver cancer cells found within the human body. The study does reveal that there are some correlations, and in the minds of many, it is already safe to assume that there is a negative affect on the proliferation of cancer cells found in the liver caused by the consumption of milk from cows.

If you think you may benefit from cutting out dairy from your diet because you have liver cancer or are at high risk for liver cancer, make sure you discuss the decision with your doctor or health care provider first.