Positively Saying Goodbye

Positively saying goodbye to the past:
Many of us carry the past with us. Even when we think we’ve let it go it can gnaw at our subconscious, impacting our choices as we try to move forward. The past, good or bad, is over and to live a full life, we need to live in and appreciate each new moment. Great memories are usually pretty light and they may even propel us forward with confidence; however, if we have bitter, regretful or painful memories, the best thing, no matter how difficult, is to let them go. One way to do that is to call to mind each tough memory, shrink it down until it’s really small, and then mentally place it in a bubble. Once the bubble is full, let go of it and watch it float away. It may sound silly but if our intent is to let go, it actually feels really good to see our past sadness sail off to a place far away from us. We can even imagine the bubble bursting and our past troubles disintegrating with it. Saying good-bye to the past is a huge relief and best of all, it means saying hello to a much happier future. ❤️


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