Positively Quitting:

Positively quitting:
When do we give up? Quitting is not supposed to be in our vocabulary. Our culture celebrates those who soldier on despite hardships, ups and downs and pure adversity. But sometimes the wisest course of action is to say that we’ve put enough of our heart and soul into something that we no longer have the energy to try to sustain, and stop. Life gives us only so many moments. If we spend them on endeavors or people that drain us – either our emotions, our resources or our souls – at a certain point we’re wasting our lives. Quitting is not failing – it’s knowing when it’s time to pack it up and move on to something else. We don’t have to sustain our passion for one thing despite all odds. It’s a big world – there’s more to do and much more to love. Life is all about infinite possibilities and the journey…


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