Harmonious Organization—Good for Body, Spirit, and Mind

Anthony Clavien“Just as thoughts manifest into the physical, the physical environment manifests back into the mind. Finish incomplete projects.

Organize your home and workspace. An environment that is unorganized or filled with incomplete tasks has a burdening effect on the nervous system.

Declutter and make your environment flow with spacious, positive energy.

Clean out closets and cupboards so the first and last thing you see in the day is organization and order. This physical order supports mental calmness and control of emotions.

Rather than trying of purge negative thoughts, focus more on generating positive interactions and expressions. This aspect of sankulpa (the practice of establishing an intention) attracts further positive thoughts and experiences.

With this shift into harmonious thinking, the physical manifestations are seen and experienced by others. We begin to attract more people with like minds and intentions. Again, the key element is reflection and observation. What are our emotions saying about our thoughts? Use your emotions as a tool. Breathe new life in your thinking and experience the freedom of positive thought energy.”


One thought on “Harmonious Organization—Good for Body, Spirit, and Mind

  1. The great thing about organizing is you often get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff – you learn to become minimal! I have found in my life that the less I own, the less my stuff owns me 🙂 Good points!

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