Equilibrium | Positive Thoughts for June

Anthony Clavien EquilibriumNegativity empowers positivity; Positivity empowers negativity.

They don’t fight or have problems with each other. They exist as one harmonic balanced whole, called the Yin-Yang, Chi, Life-force, or Kundalini Energy.

What’s really intriguing is the fact that this dual nature exists throughout every level of existence. “Paradox” is a term used when the Mind comprehends the Whole, yet the reasons contradict each other. Example: Separation empowers Unity; Unity empowers Separation.

To know everything you must know nothing. They exist as One. It is the essence in all of the Buddha or Great Master teachings.

As above; So below. Physical; Non-physical. It basically means all of the opposite extremes in existence exist as One Whole. This does not exclude the cycles of Nature, nor the action/reaction principle of the cosmos.

Anthony Clavien


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