Dandelion Root Tea: From Nature to You

anthony clavien dandelion root teaSummer provides a great variety of fruits and vegetables in season with detoxing benefits, but as we eat healthier during summer months, it’s important to drink healthier as well. Dandelion root tea is a great way to drink healthy throughout the year, but its floral taste is great for this season especially.

Dandelion root tea has a variety of health benefits, including helping us by easing bloating, improving digestion and aiding in weight loss. For those who can contract urinary tract infections easily dandelion helps reduce the risk as well as containing calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and vitamins B and C to help clear up skin conditions for make-up free weather.

To get the full amount of benefits, place dried dandelion root into steeping water and drink as is. Full leaf tea is ideal if purchasing from a major retailer, as crushed dandelion can lose flavor and vitamins in the process. If you’re someone who prefers coffee over tea usually, try making the tea with less water and adding unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and a few drops of stevia for a sweet and filling drink that will provide you energy throughout the day. Roasting the dandelion root can further mimic the dark roast coffee flavor for coffee lovers.

By adding dandelion root tea to your summer diet, you’re more likely to look and feel great from the inside out.


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