Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Single Day

anthony clavien stop and smell the roses veritasThere are simple ways we can look at life and improve our outlook with just a minor shift in perspective and attitude. Noticing and appreciating the positive things happening in our lives offers a great mood boost, and over time, can have dramatic healthful impact on our health and wellness.

Increasing your level of gratefulness may not always seem simple but it can be done. Here are a few things you can do to remind yourself that the Universe knows what it’s doing, and enact its power in your life.

Write a gratitude letter: Researcher Martin Seligman, PhD, asked subjects to write a letter thanking someone who had been particularly kind to them and then deliver it in person. The letter-writers enjoyed impressive positive effects even a month later.

Keep a journal of gratitude: Write down anything, no matter how big or small you think it may be or seem, that makes you smile, including goals and achievements, the touching moments that touched your soul, and write about how you are grateful for the relationships you have cultivated in your life.

Remind yourself to enjoy all things great and small: Yes, you ought to stop and smell the roses! Look all around you— touch the goodness as you use all your senses to appreciate things as you slow down, even for an hour. Do what are able to so you can to really soak in the beauty of your life and the world around you.

Share good news in your life with others: Studies have concluded that those who share their joy soak in the reactions of others to their positive developments. Tell a friend or family member about a happy event or development in your life and enjoy it all the more!


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