Detox Diets & Fads—What are the Healthy Options for You?

anthony clavien healthy detoxLately, it seems, detox diets and other fads tied to cleansing have become quite popular. But many people are seeking out detox diets in order to cleanse their liver, improve their health, pass a drug test, feel younger, or improve vitality or work a longer day without feeling the burn so much. But most people are not having the luck they had hoped for with fad dieting and detoxification methods that are so popular today. Why is this happening?

To begin, it’s not just enough to resolve to “come clean” and decide that any diet or exercise regimen will be enough to ensure that your ultimate goals in health and wellness are a “for sure” outcome.

For those with serious matters on hand, like liver and heart health, diabetes, hepatitis, cancer, and other severe ailments, it’s important to consider the amount of time it will take to detox, and that amount of time will vary, depending on whether or not a detox product or diet and exercise regimen is used heavily or in moderation.

Many people who don’t have a great idea about what they are talking about will suggest working out like crazy, cutting out all carbs, drinking only water, and so on. But the truth is, there are healthy carbs, like those found in carrots (carrot juice too), bananas, and even potatoes. Some will tell you to cut out eggs and milk. But eggs are one of the most wholesome and well-rounded (no pun intended!) foods out there, and you can always switch to almond milk or soy milk.

So instead of choosing a fad you find on the Internet or in a magazine, talk to your doctor or to a nutritionist and find out what healthy eating and healthy exercise mean for you as a unique individual.


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