Detox Diets Versus Detox Products: Which is Right for You?

Anthony Clavien pass a drug testThe world is a wonderful place where we get to live, love, play, work, and simply be alive. But sometimes, the environment around us and some of the things we expose ourselves to require a body cleanse that will recharge our batteries and give our bodies a clean slate.

There are many other methods for environmental and drug detoxification outside of pre-packaged cleansers, but very few of these options work within just several days, or even several hours like a quality, healthful drug detox product can, specifically a same-day cleanser that works in just one hour, or, for those who have three or more days, a permanent detox that destroys all drug toxins throughout the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and bloodstream.

Ash Adams discusses cleansing diets by saying, “The phrase ‘detox diet’ definitely means different things to different people. Detoxing is based on the concept that we’re constantly exposed to toxins—through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe—and that following a detox regimen or fast eliminates toxins that have built up in our tissues.”

It is correct to assume that for the most part we are exposed to toxins we are unaware of, but what about the ones we are aware of? That’s when a permanent detox product or same day cleanser can become invaluable, especially to job seekers and others trying to pass a drug test when they least expect to be up against the odds.


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