How to Start A Detox For The First Time, Part 2

your first detox anthony clavienOnce you begin your detox, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and flush out toxins. It’s important not to stop taking any prescription medications while on the detox diet, as discontinuing certain medications can have serious, possibly life-threatening consequences.

Your diet should consist of clean, organic foods that come directly from the ground or plants and trees. By providing your body nothing but pure fuel, organs affected by toxins such as the liver and the stomach will quickly begin to work more effectively.

Adding light, regular exercise such as light cardio will help burn body fat and push toxins out through your breath and skin and encourages elimination of toxins for a quicker detox. Consider walking after breakfast, or doing a hike after dinner at least two of the days you’re on your detox.

When successfully completed, a healthy detox should last between three to seven days, and provide your body with more energy, a balanced digestive tract, and a more predictable sleep schedule. Consider taking vitamins and supplements while on your detox, if you’re concerned of your detox not being nutritionally well rounded.

By eating clean and healthy, your first detox should be a rewarding experience that not only makes you feel better about yourself, but helps lower your risk of cancer and builds your immune system to fight away free radicals to help you feel healthier inside and out.

Anthony Clavien


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