How to Start A Detox For The First Time, Part 1

Anthony Clavien Detox for the first time adviceStarting a detox for the first time can seem foreign and overwhelming, but with simple planning and discipline, a detoxification can be a mentally and physically rewarding act for your body. For the first time, a food-based detox is suggested. A food-based detox is the most common type of detox diet in which total food take isn’t restricted but many foods are off limits such as dairy, wheat, gluten-containing foods, sugar, fried and processed foods.

Yes, there are other forms but it is not necessary to begin by taking extreme measures like the lemon-cleanse diet or a juice fast. In fact, eating raw fruits and vegetables is going to give your body just as much cleansing as a fasting period, but will also keep your body from becoming too tired.

Start by filling your diet with cleansing foods such as the most colorful fruits and veggies. Slowly introducing your body to organic foods and other healthful menu items up to three days prior to your detox will help your body to adjust to the change of fuel coming into your system.

Certain foods and drinks such as coffee and sugar should be phased out up to three days prior as well to avoid headaches and other reactions that may hinder your detox success rate. Use the days leading up to your detox to rid your kitchen of foods and beverages that may tempt you during your detox and introduce your body to the new options such as green tea for a morning coffee alternate or a caffeine-free herbal coffee substitute such as Roastaroma tea to see what you enjoy before the detox begins.

Anthony Clavien


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