Green Tea Cancer Detox

green tea detox to fight cancer Anthony ClavienMany studies have demonstrated evidence that green tea lowers the risk of cancer, but new studies are showing that green tea is an excellent super-food to fight off existing cancer as well. When consumed organic and without added sugar or milk, green tea is one of the best cancer detoxes you can perform for your body.

Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate, commonly referred to as EGCG and catechins that specifically fight cancer cells. EGCG retards cancer growth and can help a person limit the size of the cancer before surgery, in addition to chemotherapy.

Start drinking up to a half-gallon of green tea a day, cold or not, to receive the maximum cancer fighting benefits. With green tea only having a third of the caffeine found in most coffee, you can keep your energy levels up without worrying about becoming too caffeinated, or crashing later on.

In the United States it can be difficult to get real green tea as many prepackaged bottles are filled with flavorings and sugar or are green tea mixes, which are actually a blend of teas to ease the natural grassy bitterness of green tea. To ensure you’re getting the real thing, stick to green tea that comes from Japan which can be found in most Asian and organic supermarkets.

Breast cancer, bladder cancer and even skin cancer have all had studies that have shown green tea helps control cancer growth, with green tea being suggested to fight all cancers. By staying organic, not adding sugar, and having the tea still caffeinated, green tea can be a tasty and rewarding way to fight cancer growth and better help you prepare for surgery.

Anthony Clavien


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