Could Beer Be Healthful?

beer is healthy in daily dosesAccording to the Times of India, drinking two to three beers per day is a good thing for your health! “findings are based on a meta-analysis of several different studies conducted worldwide from over 200,000 people’s drinking habits, conducted by Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura. It showed that moderate consumption of beer decreases drinkers’ risk of heart disease by 31 per cent, just as much as moderate consumption of wine.”

So what does this tell us? Essentially, it’s a good thing to imbibe a little each day, rather than a lot in one day, or across just one or two days per week.

In addition, it’s a good idea to stick with wine and beer, as heavier spirits like vodka and whiskey don’t have the same health benefits—at least according to the most recent research!

The amount of beer to consume for healthful purposes does vary between men and women. Studies suggest that one beer a day for women, and two beers per day for men, is a healthy outlook for staving off heart disease.

But be warned: as healthful as barley and hops can be in the form of beer, drinking too much of it can actually be the cause of heart disease. So the idea is to stay balanced, healthful, and body-rich with a good diet and decent exercise regimen.

Anthony Clavien


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