Having a Dog is Good for Your Health!

Anthony Clavien get a dogWhen most people think about getting a dog, they have one of two reactions. Either they think about all the hassles involved–all the feeding, potty training, veterinary bills, potentially dealing with outsiders who could be bitten by your dog, a dog not being able to be around the kids or other household pets, and so on. Or, other people focus on the upside–how cute a puppy is, how soft and cuddly they are, and what great companions they can grow up to be.

But research indicates that having a dog is actually good for your health. Why? Well there are a few reasons. For one, having a dog means very likely that the amount of exercise you get will increase–you’ll walk your dog, usually at least once or twice per day, and even a light game of catch in the backyard is a way to burn calories.

Further studies reveal something even more amazing. Those with high blood pressure can actually lower their blood pressure by getting a dog. Researchers indicate that petting, walking, and in general just being around a canine companion can lower blood pressure. Amazing!

There’s no doubt that raising a puppy is not unlike having a newborn baby–nighttime waking, interrupted sleep schedules, potty training, yelping and chewing furniture… the list goes on. But over time, research shows that having a dog around actually lowers stress levels. No one can say precisely why, but having a dog around reduces stress–one study showed lowered blood pressure and lowered heart rate during the time a person is petting a dog, scratching its ears, and in general, showing affection to the animal.

So if you want to create a win-win, go rescue a dog and watch it help your health! It’s amazing how we’re all tied together and how the symbiosis of the human-dog relationship is so mutually beneficial.

Anthony Clavien


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