The Green Wall of Africa – Planting Trees Could Help Preserve Our Life On This Planet

Green Wall of Africa Anthony ClavienThe planet Earth has undergone some major damage at the hands of its human inhabitants in the last 100 years. It has even been said that the last century has done more harm to the world than all the other years of it’s existence combined. When viewed in this light restoration can seem hopeless, but the battle is far from finished. The Earth has a miraculous ability to repair itself, and if we as a human race begin to take the appropriate steps, we can reverse this trend.

The more simple step we could take could also prove to be one of the most important we could take – plant a LOT of trees. The idea is to plant enough trees to create adequate cloud coverage to cool the planet. According to WeForest’s CEO Noelle-Keijzer, not only would be reverse global warming, the effort would generate job creation in developing countries and increase access to healthcare and education. This could be achieved by planting 300 trees for each person on the globe. WeForest is an organization originally founded by SOSventures partner Bill Liao in Switzerland.

Just imagine – a gigantic wall of trees in Northern Africa, planted in order to keep the Sahara desert from expanding to far beyond its borders. Noelle-Keijzer feels this could preserve life on Earth and that there are huge economic benefits in terms of growth for everyone. Addressing the climate crisis with feasible solutions while confronting poverty simultaneously? That’s exactly the kind of thing that we should all get behind and support whole-heartedly. After all, we only have one planet to call home.

Anthony Clavien


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