Lemon – A Natural Healing Power

anthony clavien lemonsLemons are a loved everywhere in the world. They have a cheery yellow color and fresh feel provide a sense of delightfulness that is all their own, making them a staple in every kitchen and home. But that’s not all it’s good for, there is more to the lemon than meets the eye. They are a force to be reckoned with, complete with the ability to heal and cleanse.

One interesting fact pertaining to lemons that is often misunderstood is they are one of the most alkaline-forming foods there is. Like its counterparts, such as oranges, limes, and grapefruits, lemon is considered an acidic food. However, unlike their counterparts such as oranges, limes, and grapefruits, lemon surprisingly produces an alkaline effect in the body as it neutralizes acidity, helping to balance a body with a high acidic state. There are several benefits to having a balance in the body’s pH.

Anthony Clavien knows first hand how important liver health is, and lemons have a lot to offer in this department. According to Jethro Kloss in his book Back to Eden,”The lemon is a wonderful stimulant to the liver and is also a solvent for uric acid and other poisons.” It is also high in Vitamin C. This is needed to manufacture glutathione, a tripeptide the body uses to neutralize toxins, therefore aiding the liver with detoxification.

The vitamin C contained in lemons also helps neutralize free radicals within the body, which is responsible for aging and the formation of a variety of diseases. In fact, lemon is known in many countries to be a cure for a large number of diseases. In addition to combating depression and other nervous disorders, it is also regarded as a treatment that may aid weight loss and cancer prevention.

There are many more uses for this brilliant fruit, it’s well worth working it into your daily diet. The best part is they are affordable and readily available. Simply squeeze into a glass, add a pinch of sea salt and toast to good health.



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