Longer Life Expectancy, Globally Speaking

Anthony Clavien healthy ageingThere is good news for people of the world—research shows that on a global scale people are living longer and there are less deaths for children. Reports published by the journal Lancet provide some interesting information. In order to gather the information, they used more than 480 researchers in 50 countries to compile data from various resources, such as surveys, censuses and past studies. Although people are living longer, the bad news is that people are struggling with disease and disabilities.

The death of children has decreased significantly due to vaccinations. Many campaigns worldwide have provided the vaccinations necessary to fend off diseases such as polio and measles. Malnutrition and starvation, once another major risk for children, has been replaced with likeliness to overeat (Africa being an exception). Therefore, with more children living, illness and other related issues have become more of an issue later in life. “The biggest contributor to the global health burden isn’t premature (deaths), but chronic diseases, injuries, mental health conditions and all the bone and joint diseases,” said one of the study leaders, Christopher Murray, director of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

Some noteworthy information regarding what’s causing death of people around the globe was provided by the research, there seem to be wide variations at play. Not surprisingly, however, globally heart disease, stroke and cancer remain at the top of the list.

Before making any major changes to public health policies, more information is needed. While getting closer to understanding more about the way these issues exist, there are many more factors to consider. For now, we’re all very happy to hear that at least we have a longer life expectancy!

-Anthony Clavien


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