Obesity Epidemic – Americans Unsure About What Should Be Done

Anthony Clavien health and wellness

Courtesy of the Nutrition Post via Yale Science

It is evidently clear that the United States, and many parts of the globe, is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. There are many things to blame – high fructose sugar being present in processed foods, too many electronics taking up the time that was once spent being active, fast food – the list goes on and on. For every cause there seems to be an equal amount of opinions on what should, and what shouldn’t, be done about it.

Studies show that about a third of the population feels that the government should play a key role in finding ways to address the issue, while an equal amount of the people believe it should only be slightly involved or not involved at all. The rest fall somewhere in between.

There is one thing that nearly three-quarter of the population agree on, however, and that is an opposition to limiting what people can buy to solve the problem. An example of this sort of resolution is Mayor Michael Bloomberg leading the New York initiative to ban large sized sodas and other sugary drinks from being sold to the public.

While the three-quarters of Americans consider obesity a serious health risk for the nation, they generally feel that it should be dealt with on an individual basis. On the up side, eight in ten support providing nutritional education and more required physical activity in schools. Seventy percent of people also support making restaurants post calorie counts on their menus.

The Colombia Daily Tribune quoted Jeff Levi of the not-for-profit Trust for America’s Health, which has closely tracked the rise in obesity. “In the current environment, it’s difficult to exercise personal responsibility… we need to create environments where the healthy choice becomes the easy choice, where it’s possible for people to bear that responsibility.”

Anthony Clavien and others with health and wellness interests support coming together to find a solution. While the answer to the issue still remains unclear and Americans remain divided on the proposed solutions thus far, one thing is clear: something must be done!


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