Do We Believe in Ourselves?

Anthony Clavien VeritasAll too often during the holiday season we are asked what we believe in by those around us. Rather than probing one another regarding where our faith may lay, instead, why don’t we look inwardly and check in with ourselves. Do we believe in ourselves? Do you believe in yourself? The answer to that question could surely shape how the entire next year works out for us all–indeed, it could determine how the rest of your life looks.

Much like the rest of this year, the last several weeks have been big ones–a lot of tragedy has occurred, and has asked that we look within ourselves for answers. Indeed, many of us may find ourselves looking to God or to whatever we believe in for direction during a difficult time riddled with seemingly directionless hurt and woe.

But believing in ourselves is the very first and most important step we have to take–certainly any deity or supreme power, indeed any creator would want us to believe in ourselves. Our communities count on it. Our souls count on it. Believe in you so the rest of us can too!

Happy Holidays!


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