7 Tips to Handle the Negative People During the Holidays

holiday tips Anthony Clavien7 Tips to handle the negative people who seem to get more ubiquitous in the holiday season!

The closer we get to the time of year when we should be the merriest, often we find that those around us are the hardest to deal with. Here are seven pointers that will hopefully help you remember how to keep your cool.

1) Remember it’s them not you;

2) Imagine them as a small child or someone you love very much – it helps to reframe them as something less threatening and then you can view them with compassion;

3) Breathe deeply and count to 10 before you say or do anything – breath is calming and if you can count 10 bless

ings while you’re at it, you can completely refocus on all the good things in your life;
4) Remind yourself that it’s YOUR life you need to worry about and physically or mentally remove yourself from their negative space;
5) Offer them a kindness in the form of a smile or compliment. Sometimes a positive light can diffuse negative energy;
6) Remember, a little kind or silly humor can go a long way;
7) Also remember that  life is short, so in the big scheme of things, will this really matter? Hopefully not! 🙂
Anthony Clavien

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