Charitable Organization Started by Switzerland Woman is Praised by Kenyan Government and Area Residents

Anthony Clavien Veritas SOFDI SwitzerlandMrs. Bridgette Frey, the Founder of Sustainable Organic Farming & Development Initiatives (SOFDI) from Switzerland, had a dream to change the livelihood of poverty-stricken communities who experience struggle in accessing food, clean water, schools and health facilities. SOFDI aims to achieve this vision by addressing a variety of topics, including organic farming, water conservation and protection of streams, goat raising, school programs and other activities.

The vision is to improve these communities using farming methods and trainings on how to improve the Kenyan residents daily earning and food production.

A resident by the name of Jandi, who happens to be one of the most successful farmers who has undergone training from SOFDI, says that her monthly earnings has increased from 15% to 60%. Another farmer, Shaban Otweche, once unable to provide necessities for his family, is now able to provide sufficient food for the family. Thanks to the organization, he can take pride in these accomplishments and pay school fees.

Perhaps the most impressive part SOFDI’s mission is what they are doing with the school programs in Kenya. In partnership with the school teachings of practical activities, the organization takes the students through organic farming courses. The idea is change the lives of these young people in and out of school. So far the program is operating in seven schools.

According to, the farmers who have benefited from the SOFDI projects have this to say: “Kudos for the sacrifice of Mrs. Frey in giving the disadvantaged children and community access to food, improved living condition and learning conditions.” Anthony Clavien believes that giving is such an important part of the human culture. What a great example Bridgette Frey is for all.


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