Ayurvedic Medicine, A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Anthony Clavien Ayurveda VeritasAyurvedic medicine, an alternative medicine that originated in India, is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It is designed to identify and correct energy imbalances. It is believed that by integrating and balancing the body, mind and spirit, illness will be prevented and wellness improved.

The approach used by Ayurvedic medicine is quite different than traditional Western medicine, and is considered quite holistic in comparison. The methodology includes examining one’s environment and lifestyle choices, among other things, to determine their impact on your health. To treat any given problem, an Ayurvedic practitioner could eliminate or add certain foods, exercise, dietary supplements, etc.

So what could one expect at an initial appointment, should they decide to give it a try? A practitioner may begin with a pulse diagnosis, eye/skin/nail analysis, and a basic understanding of one’s health history. Based on the evaluation a determination is made for the individual’s energy imbalance. One can also expect to discuss topics such as goal setting specific to ones lifestyle.

One can also expect to leave armed with a new toolbox, filled with various methods to bring balance back into their lives. This could include plans for a new diet, exercise and yoga program, herbal remedies, stress reduction practices, breathing and meditation techniques. If you would like to have more vitality, this might be a good avenue to explore!

Anthony Clavien


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