Anthony Clavien Discusses Green Job Creation

green Anthony Clavien jobs VeritasNo matter where you stand politically, there is no denying that green job creation is a central part of a favorable employment trend. Statistics have shown that the “green economy” has been a leading driver of job creation for years now, and it’s expected to continue. Economists have even started calling the 21st Century the “Green Collar Era.” The Career Trend Analysis Report reviewed thousands of industry career sites and found the green industry to be one of the fastest growing sectors.

Looking for a job associated with energy efficiency, renewable energy, pollution reduction or recycling? Anthony Clavien has been following the growth of green collar jobs, and now there are many websites available to help job seekers find a job in these categories. The US department of Labor’s Career One Stop is a leading green jobs site. is a search site that will help link you up with private green jobs. There are many more websites that provide information more local to your location.

A common misperception is that one has to be an engineer or energy expert to find a green job, not true! There is a wide range of areas that relate to green positions, including but not limited to: analysts, auditors, certifiers, economists, financial professionals, lawyers, marketers, researchers…the list goes on and on. Considering the state of our economy and our environment, the signs pointing to green jobs being on the rise is very reassuring that there is still hope for us yet!


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