Sustainable Fashion on the Horizon! From Anthony Clavien

Anthony Clavien thinks greenThose who are earth conscious have been following the reduce, reuse and recycle idea for quite some time, but designers and brands are now forging on with a new idea. Americans are cycling through clothes so rapidly, designers have begun creating clothing and accessories that are biodegradable in order to combat the waste this habit produces. Anthony Clavien tells us anything that benefits the earth is a positive move.

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that each of us throws away 54 pounds of clothes and shoes into the trash each year. Do the math and that adds up to about 9 million tons of shoes, jackets and other items that are being wasted. Although the idea is new, it’s perhaps the most important progress made in the industry in ages.

Designers aren’t stop there, in some cases companies are creating clothes with more than one use! Puma has said in the near future it will produce sneakers and t-shirts that can be buried in the ground as fertilizer. Other high-end designers are also exploring ideas that will benefit the environment, influencing the rest of the design community to do the same. “We need to eliminate the concept of waste from our vocabulary and instead think of every material as a potential nutrient for future products. That will be the direction we need to head as a planet as we support 10 billion-plus people,” said Lewis Perkins, Sr. VP of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

As with any other business plan, strategy is key with fashion sustainability. Fashions that are usually thrown away the quickest may be the best place to start. Items such as underwear, swimsuits and super trendy clothes may be first in line.

It’s fun to be fashionable, but even more so to show you care through being green. –Anthony Clavien


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