Can Politics Spark a Renewed Interest in Sustainable Energy?

sustainable energy sourcesRegardless of whose side you’re on, or even if you can’t or won’t take a side this election, there’s a lot more to recent politics than two people fighting for the office of the presidency. With the current debates centered largely around things we all agree need change–or at least a conversation– there has been a lot of focus on the obvious. The economy, health care reform, and women’s rights have been front and center over the past several weeks and months of campaigning.

But what about lesser discussed–but perhaps equally if not more important issues? The future of sustainable energy and green living is a big one. It’s no longer a discussion about if we will be changing energy sources at some point in the future, it’s a question of exactly when. In one year? A hundred years? We’ve all heard everything in between. But what we do know is that across the United States, there’s no scarcity of wind energy and solar energy, among others–the question is, have the politics that shape opinions on these energy sources also shaken up new interest in them? Those who work in and support green industries and green collar jobs sure hope so!

Since the beginning of the two largest opposing political campaigns, discussions have been heated–and that heat has generated a lot of new interest in green building, sustainable energy sources, environmentally friendly living, and even LEED homebuilding. Google News is reporting at least twice as many “green” stories, including everything from innovations in transportation to small co-op projects across the country, and even larger corporations putting more money into sustainability options and green measures to invest in.

So regardless of your political affiliation, there’s no denying that disagreements about sustainability and alternative energy have sparked a renewed interest in green energy and eco-industries. Where do you think green energy will be in a year? Anthony Clavien wants to hear from you!


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