5 Ways to Love Your Liver

liver health by Anthony Clavien

Becoming vegetarian is a great way to support your liver

While there must be 50 ways to leave your liver, Anthony Clavien wanted to compile at least a short list of ways to love the old organ that keeps the body from tripping up in the mess of toxins we consume–and over-consume every single day.

Here are five ways to love your liver:

1. Load up on Vitamin C: The average person gets just 500mg or less of Vitamin C per day, but you can step it up a notch, your liver will love it. Apparently, at about 5000mg per day, you actually begin to flush fatty cells and other unhealthy residues from your liver. This helps to stave off cirrhosis and even bacterial infection.

2. Take Vitamin B12: This essential vitamin helps the liver accomplish many things, not the least of which is reducing your odds at becoming jaundiced, anorexic, getting serum bilirubin disorder, and helping the liver with recovery time from various ailments.

3. Become vegetarian… Or: Drink lots of fresh juice. This helps to support your liver because it assists in preventing stones. Juicing or being vegetarian also reduce your bad cholesterol significantly, making the work load on your liver drop tremendously.

4. Be good to your gallbladder: You can do this by always drinking plenty of water, which will help you avoid gal stones, which in turn helps your liver stay healthy. You can also be nice to your gallbladder by eating lower fat meals–this helps to keep bilirubin at normal levels.

5. Wash your hands: Seems a little over-simplified? Most of the answers to life’s difficult questions are. Keeping your hands clean helps avoid hepatitis, which is one of the hardest events you could ever ask your poor liver to go through. Keep your hands cleans and health is sure to follow suit.


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