Does eating meat cause swelling in the gut?

Anthony Clavien health and wellnessWell, the verdict is in–sort of. According to Care2 Make A Difference, meat does in fact cause a level of inflammation in the human gut when consumed. Care2 notes, “Inflammation is an immune response to a perceived threat, but what’s the body attacking? At first, scientists thought it might be the animal protein, which is thought to be the culprit in certain types of arthritis. However, similar inflammatory reactions were triggered by whipped cream, which is mostly just animal fat. After digging deeper, investigators discovered that after a meal of animal products one’s bloodstream becomes soiled with bacterial toxins known as endotoxins. No wonder there’s so much inflammation! But where are the endotoxins coming from?

Endotoxins come from bacteria. Where are there lots of bacteria? In our gut. Thus, researchers figured that maybe the saturated animal fat was causing our gut lining to become leaky, allowing our own bacteria to slip into our blood stream.”

So does that mean you need to steer clear of meat altogether? Well, not entirely, unless that’s something that you want to do. But as with anything health and wellness related, consuming meat in moderation will do you just fine.

If you can keep your consumption of red meat down to once or twice per week, it will not only stave off the swelling some of us may experience in our digestive tracts, it may also have other health benefits to you as well, up to and including keeping cancer at bay, lowering your risk for heart disease, and making your arteries cleaner and happier.


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